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The sit e would need a major updat e bef or e he d

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Unformatted text preview: he reached t he sit e he f ound it t o be highly out dat ed and f ull of bugs. T is was t oo much f or him t o h get passed and he pr ef err ed t o ext ra st eps on ot her sit es over dealing wit h an oper at or. The sit e would need a major updat e bef or e he’ d give t hem a chance. • T xi sit e t hat funct ions like a cur rent apps Not have t o have anot her username/ passwor d t o use ser vice F us rations rt • • Anyt hing Out dat ed K eping t rack of login e det ails Card Sort Information Architecture Diagram (Desktop) Desktop Website Mobile Website User Testing Forms had majority of complaints Too many or too few inputs Input requests unclear Additional tools like geolocation or fare calculator would be welcomed additions Responsive designs could improve consistency & usability Final Reflections Accomplished rectifying initial problem space defined at beginning Could improve on not just solving issues but thoroughly evaluating new designs implemented also...
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