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Unformatted text preview: people Doesn’ t like t he idea of having credit card inf o st ored by companies like Uber or Lyf t Persona 2 S sie Q. u “ Hipst er Bar Hopper” B c ground ak • Age: 21 • Work/ R le: IUP I S udent o Ut • L ves in C rmel, IN i a • P rt y girl a • L ves wit h f emale roommat e i • S ngle i • S sie is a f ree-spirit ed t ype who doesn’t like t o f ollow t he u crowd, unless t hey’re going out t o t he bars on t he weekend. S e ref uses t o join F cebook or ot her popular social net works h a because t hey’ re t oo mainst ream. S e does spend plent y of h t ime on her phone t hough and is skilled at using t echnology, as are most people her age. Her f riends are almost all older so t hey like t o go out on t he weekends t oo. S e just t urned 21 h and been t rying out all t he dive bars in Indy. One t hing she’ s had t o get used t o is t his means t he days of going t o house part ies and just spending t he night are rare. Now she has t o worry about how she’s get t ing home af t er a night out at t he bars. Goals S enario c • S sie went t o t he Wint erbrew F st downt own at t he F irgrounds on F iday and af t er begrudgingly u e a r hopped in an Uber cab wit h her f riend, as Uber was apparent ly sponsoring t he event in some capacit y. S e had f igured t his meant t hat t he rat e would be reasonab...
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