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jeopardy questions and answers - This is an email list for...

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This is an email list for Psych 156 S 101 Fall 2007 -- Hello All: below are my notes for the Jeopardy activity today. prompts are in normal case, and answers are in CAPS. Good luck on the exam!! Anett Evolutionary and Social Constructivist Approaches to Emotion 100: Define intersexual selection pressures and give one example. (THE PROCESS BY WHICH ONE SEX SELECTS SPECIFIC KINDS OF TRAITS IN THE OTHER SEX; E.G., WOMEN REPORT PREFERENCE FOR MALES OF HIGHER STATUS) 200: Define hypercognized emotion. (EMOTIONS THAT ARE HEAVILY EMPHASIZED IN THE LANGUAGE OF A CULTURE) Give an example. (SHAME IN CHINA, LOVE IN U.S.) 300: Define open system in terms of how it relates to emotion researhc. (EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCES ARE SUBJECT TO ALTERATION ACROSS CULTURES) Does it align more closely with the evolutionary or social constructivist approach to emotion? (SOCIAL CONSTRUCTIVIST) 400: Describe the key differences between the evolutionary and social constructivist approaches to emotion in terms of (1) what emotions are (EV: BIOLOGICAL PROCESSES, SC: LANGUAGE, BELIEFS, ROLES), (2) whether emotions are universal (EV: YES, SC: NO), and (3) the function of emotions (EV: ACTION READINESS, SOCIAL COORDINATION, SC: REIFY INTENTIONS, VALUES, ROLES, IDENTITIES, IDEOLOGIES). Emotion and the ANS
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This note was uploaded on 04/08/2008 for the course PSYCH 156 taught by Professor Keltner during the Fall '07 term at Berkeley.

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jeopardy questions and answers - This is an email list for...

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