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9-26 - nervous system II Ans-III Cannon Critique The...

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I. James -Experience event then we have a physiological reaction and then we experience the emotion. -All our emotions originally stem out of the bodily response of the viscera -Every emotion has a distinct autonomic profile -Functions of the autonomic nervous system -Get the body ready for action -…. - Every emotion is in direct response to a particular reaction from the autonomic
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Unformatted text preview: nervous system II. Ans-III. Cannon Critique- The autonomic nervous system peaks about 20 seconds after emotional response- Most people are not that sensitive to autonomic responses- Different autonomic responses overlap (love and nausea) IV. 2 Factor Theory-1) Undifferentiated arousal-2) Situational label- I get aroused and then I label that arousal....
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