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Notes 10-8 - A Muybridge B Anatomy(Rolls Emotional impulses...

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Keltner – Psych 156 I. Implications – Amygdala A. Avoidance; right brain behavior B. Moving toward goals; left brain behavior C. Unconscious appraisal of what is good and bad D. Early attachments shape romantic relationships later in life A. Working from earliest years of life even though we don’t specifically remember II. Frontal Lobes – Exec. Control (80% of the brain) a. Orbito Frontal Cortex –
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Unformatted text preview: A. Muybridge B. Anatomy (Rolls) - Emotional impulses guiding strategic behavior in the body. Involved in moral decision-making and executive control. C. Patient - damage to Orbito Frontal Cortex - violate social mores, have trouble empathizing w/ others, angry expression shows no angry reaction D. fMRI - III. Laterality – Davidson a. State Data b. Trait Data c. Meditation...
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