The question of who killed U

The question of who killed U - The question of who killed...

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The question of who killed U.S. President John F. Kennedy (1917–1963) on November 22, 1963, has been a subject of controversy. Conspiracy theorists dispute allegations that Lee Harvey Oswald was able to accurately hit a moving target at that distance with the bolt-action rifle allegedly in his possession. They insist one person could not have fired so many shots so quickly from this type of rifle.  One fateful day in  November of 1963, JFK and Camelot were silenced. Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated J.F.K. while he was  passing by in his motorcade. The actual shooting and events that led up to the assassination are still  clouded to this day. Oswald was seen as the fall guy for some unknown group. It was proven that Oswald  could not have acted alone. Not even the best military marksmen were able to fire three rounds with the  speed and accuracy as Oswald did. Yet, he was the fall guy. It was said that he acted alone. The Zapruder film that caught the assassination on film was confiscated by the FBI and only months later  was it permitted to be viewed by the public. Why? Did the film actually show evidence of a possible second  and third gunman from different angles to assure the target would be hit? Was the film altered and spliced  back together removing the damaging evidence and then returned to Zapruder? The scores of leads by  private citizens, all eye witnesses to the assassination who claimed to see a man lurking on the Grassy Knoll  with a perfect rifle angle to the motorcade were never followed or were dismissed. Governmental red tape  took over and Jack Ruby silenced Oswald by killing him while he was being transferred and thus completed  the conspiracy. umentary focuses specifically on the conspiracy charges that Kevin Costner, as Jim Garrison in
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The question of who killed U - The question of who killed...

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