CPO3123--study guide for midterm

CPO3123--study guide for midterm - MC: #15. Monetarism,...

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MC: #15. Monetarism, Privatisation, Trade union reform, Hiving off #16. A DEFIN: Different stages= different political frame works. Separate theatres=Sep pol cultures. Politics- exercise of power. Power- exercise of influence Nationalism -condone violence, united Ireland through peace a theory of the nation state, transfer of private assets into public ownership, often as public operations. Republicanism -IRA: Irish Revolution army Political Culture -set of ideas, traditions, conventions, values, ideals, philosophies, ideologies that serve to unite a polity . Culture -set of customs&beliefs, traditions. Patterns of human activity&symbolic representations of such. Polity- political community, the all of politics Political Culture+Polity+Identity=National Polity . Nation- people with a common cultural identity State- the entities of the gov’t & the processes of governments, a political association that has a monopoly of force within a territory. Civil society- sphere of voluntary activity, where assoc can be formed independently of the state Liberal democracy- state gov’d in accordance w/ long est liberal principles, such as the right to participate in free/fair elections, freedom of expression, and the impartial administration of justice. Pluralism- the belief that the existence of diff ppls and opinions within a society is healthy. Keynesianism - economic doctrine based on the work of Keynes which advocates that gov’t should intervene in the economy to manage demand. Post War Consensus- shaped by the anti-socialist Americans, wanted to avoid further international conflict, Beveridge Report, White Paper on Unemployment, Keynesianism, loan from US Capitalism- an economic, political and social system based upon the ownership of property and the creation of wealth. Meritocracy- a society in which the most powerful positions in all important spheres are allocated in relation to the ability of the candidates, rather than other factors such as birth, age, race or sex. The higher your social ranking, the greater the formal education qualifications. Social Exclusion- when people suffer unemployment, illness, poor housing, etc and create a vicious cycle. Citizenship- a status that bestows rights, and imposes obligations, on a person as a full member of state. Entity of gov’t= noun processes of gov’t= verb (voting, lawmaking, enforcing) European Union- ultimate law, out rules Scottish, UK & Irish
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CPO3123--study guide for midterm - MC: #15. Monetarism,...

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