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Unformatted text preview: nts Choose the answer choice that says "choose me" Correct Percent Answered DON'T CHOOSE ME 11.489% DON'T CHOOSE ME 0.426% DON'T CHOOSE ME 1.064% CHOOSE ME Unanswered 86.809% 0.213% Kai Zhao 3/26/12 3:19 PM Comment [3]: This seems like the correct answer. • Question 4: Multiple Choice Average Score 1.12766 points What number can the user enter that would execute line 4 exactly three times? Correct Percent Answered 10 1.064% 12 56.383% 11 13 Unanswered Kai Zhao 3/26/12 4:02 PM 2.766%Comment [4]: I don’t have much commentary for this question…...
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