Private sub cmdrandomcardclick dim intupperbound as

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Unformatted text preview: Sub cmdRandomCard_Click() Dim intUpperBound As Integer If Not (IsArrayInitialized(Numbers)) Then Exit Sub Else intUpperBound= UBound(Numbers) End If mintCardIndex = Int(Rnd() * intUpperBound + 1) Cells(1,1).Value = Number(mintCardIndex) End Sub Correct Percent Answered A value between 0 and 1, excluding 1 A value between 0 and 1, including 1 6.202% 200 4.457% A value between 1 and 200 82.364% Unanswered • 6.589% Kai Zhao 5/3/12 8:48 AM Comment [2]: We're multiplying the return value of Rnd(), which is between 0 an...
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