Even beasts enjoy more freedom when they are allowed

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Unformatted text preview: ervices, and Indian received 3 maravedis every two days, less one- half a maravedi in order not to exceed the yearly half god peso, that is, 225 maravedis, paid them once a year as pin money or cacona, as Indians call it, which means bonus, or reward. This sum bought a comb, a small mirror and a string of green or blue glass beads, and many did without that consolation for they were paid much less and had no way of mitigating their misery, although in truth, they offered their labor up for nothing, caring only to fill their stomachs to appease their raging hunger and find ways to escape from their desperate lives. FO this loss of body and soul, then, they received less than 3 maravedis for two days; many years later their wages were increase...
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