His writings became the basis for the black legend

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Unformatted text preview: other subjects of Spain. Largely because of Las Casas’s efforts, in 1542 Spain promulgated the New Laws, ordering that Indians no longer be enslaved. But Spain’s European rivals seized upon Las Casas’ criticism to justify their own ambitions. His writings became the basis for the Black Legend, the image of Spain as a uniquely cruel empire. Other nations would claim that heir imperial ventures were inspired by the desire to rescue Indians from Spanish rule. In that year of 1500, . . . the King determined to send a new governor to Hispaniola, which at the time was the only seat of government in the Indies. The new governor was Fray Nicolas de Ovando, Knight of Alcantara, and at that time comendador of Lares. At first, the Indians were forced to stay six months away at work; later, the...
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