The comendador arranged to have wages paid as follows

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Unformatted text preview: y when their land had gone to weeds? Of those who had worked in the mines, a bare 10 per cent survived to state the journey home. Many Spaniards had no scruples about making them work on Sundays and holidays, if not in the mines then on minor tasks such as building and repairing houses, carrying firewood, etc. They fed them cassava bread, which is adequate nutrition only when supplemented with meat, fish or other more substantial food. The minero killed a American Civilization Primary Source #1 Fall 2012 pig once a week but he kept more than half for himself and the leftover apportioned and cooked daily for thirty or forty Indians, which came to a bite of meat the size of a walnut per individual, and they dipped the cassava in this as well as in the broth. The comendador arranged to have wages paid as follows, which I swear is the truth: in exchange for his life of s...
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