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Unformatted text preview: Lauren Herndon Español 4334 Dr. McGrath Primavera de 2008 1. What is the European Union? The European Union is an economical and political organization that was formed by diverse Communities and Independent Cities of Europe to form a commercial and social alliance of promoting free trade/commerce. 2. Which are some advantages and disadvantages for Spain as a member of the European Union? Some advantages for Spain: Spain is growing greater and faster than other countries; Spanish products are more competitive in the external markets, and as Spain is the economical, scientific, and cultural bridge between Latin America and Europe. Some disadvantages for Spain: illegal immigration, drug trafficking, terrorism, the conflicts in the Near East, the tension between India and Pakistan, the policy of European defense, and the relations with Russia. 3. How many countries comprise of the European Union? There are fifteen countries in the European Union in 2003. Now there are 27 members in the European Union. 4. Which is the objective of the UE? The objective of the EU is to organize relations between and within/inside the countries to form a peaceful cohesion that promotes harmonious development...
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Span4334ch1QsEnglishVersion - Lauren Herndon Español 4334...

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