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Unformatted text preview: t sphincter seperates the esophagus from the stomach? The gastro esophageal sphincter separates them also to prevent stomach contents from flowing back to esophagus. 8. What organs are retroperitoneal? PANCREAS, KIDNEYS, AND DUODENUM PARTS 9. What are the greater and lesser omentums? Greater omentum = inferior curvature in the stomach. Lesser omentum = superior curvature in the stomach. 10. What are the four regions of the stomach? Cardiac, Fundas, Body, and Pylorus 11. What four cells make up the gastric glands and what are their functions? Chief Cells = produce pepsinogen, active pepsin helps protein digestion. Parietal Cells = produce HCI which decrease pH and help produce the intrinsic factor for vitamin b12 absorption. 12. What is Rugae? Rugae are folds of mucosal layer that helps increase surface area for digestion and secretion. 13. What are the major functions of the stomach? Major functions of the stomach is to mix food into chime, iniates protein digestion, storage of chime un...
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