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Unformatted text preview: til it goes into the small intestine and minimal absorption. 14. What are the mesentery? Mesentery attaches the small intestine posteriorly to the abdominal wall while the Mesecolon attaches the large intestine posteriorly to the abdominal wall. 15. What are the three regions of the small intestine and how is each one unique? Duodenum = connects stomach to the small intestine. This is the 1st 10 inches of the small intestine. It has duodenal papilla which is opening of bile and pancreatic enzymes. It also has the Brunner’s Gland which produce alkaline muscles. Jejunum= the middle section. It has a slightly large lumen. Ileum = third region. This region contains peyer’s patches which is the clusters of lymph tissues. 16. What are plicae circulares? Plicae circularis = deep fold of mucosa. Villis = fingerlike projections that contain capillary network and lacteal. It also increases S.A Microvillis= microscopic processes on columnar cells that promote absorption Lacteals = transports of nutrients. 17. What are the major functions of the small int...
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