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Unformatted text preview: nches after bifurcation and what is significant at each branch? Primary Bronchi – located at the sternal angle, this is made of pseudo stratified ciliated columnar epithelium. Contains mostly Cartilage and very little smooth muscle. Secondary Bronchi – One on each lung lobe, the Right lobe contains two secondary bronchi while the left lobe contains three secondary bronchi. Smooth muscle is increased. Tertiary Bronchi – split from secondary bronchi, one each of every bronchi pulmonary segment. Cartilage decreases as the smooth muscle increase. CUBOIDAL epithelium like. Terminal bronchioles – No cartilage, only smooth muscles and open into alveolar sacs. 8. How many lobes make up the left and right lungs? Right – two lobes and Left – three lobes. 9. Explain the Rule of 2’s: Mid clavicle – Lung = Rib 6, Pleura = Rib 8 Mid Axillary – Lung= Rib 8, Pleura = Rib 10 Mid Clavicle – Lung= 10, Pleura = Rib 12 10. What nerves innervate the diaphragm? Phrenic Nerve = C3‐C5 11. What three structures pass th...
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