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Unformatted text preview: ction. NERVE plexus supply GI tract and lymphatic. MUSCULARIS LAYER – composed of smooth muscle. Contains the circular and longitudinal. Circular = mixes the food, longitudinal = propels the food. This is controlled by the autonomic nervous system and is covered by serosa. SEROSA – outer covering, fibrous C.T. 4. What are the three plexues? What do they innervate? Celiac Plexus and Mesenteric Plexus – located in most important arteries and transmit impulses from Vagus nerve. Meissner’s Plexus ‐ located in submucous layer. It controls the glands and mucous at folds. Myenteric Plexus – located in the muscularis layer. It controls the segmentation and peristalysis. Major supply of smooth muscle. 5. What is anterior to the esophagus? The Trachea (windpipe). Esophagus also starts at the larynx and goes into the diaphragm through the esophageal hiatus. 6. What type of muscle is the esophagus made of? Upper = skeletal, Middle = Skeletal and Smooth, lower = Smooth only and serosa. 7. Wha...
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