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Podocytes 8 whatarethemajorfunctionsofthekidney

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Unformatted text preview: are the major functions of the liver? The liver is where detoxifies, stores and synthesis of glycogen, Vitamins ADEK, and blood proteins. It is the production of Bile and also Kupiffer cells which is phagotizing aged RBC and bacteria. 31. Where is the pancreas located? Pancreas is located posterior of abdominal wall. Extends from spleen to duodenum. 32. What are the exocrine functions of the pancreas? Exocrine = produces pancreatic enzymes into the small intestine. Endocrine = insulin KIDNEYS 1. Where are kidney’s located? Kidneys are located on either side of the posterior abdominal cavity. 2. What are the indentations on the medial side called and what vessels enter and leave here? The indentations are called the HILUM. Renal Artery and Renal Vein are located here. 3. Where are the most glomeruli locater? Located in the Renal Cortex. Renal Medula consist mostly of tubules and blood vessels. 4. Where are most of the tubules located? Most tubules located in Nephron. 5. What is the main fuctional unit of the kidney? The nephron, it is...
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