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Simplecolumnarepithelium 24 whereistheliverlocated

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Unformatted text preview: estine? Chemical and mechanical digestion of food. Major site of absorption of nutrients Propels large undigested food into the large intestine. 18. What is mesocolon? It attaches the large intestine posteriorly to the abdominal wall. 19. What are the divisions of the large intestine? Starting off at the Cecum ‐> ascending colon ‐> transverse colon ‐> descending colon ‐> sigmoid colon ‐>rectum 20. What three structural specializations found in the wall of the large intestine? Taeniae coli= the three distinct bands of smooth muscle Haustra = the sac like regions Epiploic appendages = fat filled pouches. 21. What are the three major functions of the large intestine? The three major functions are absorbing the water, manufactures the vitamins, contains normal flora which are bacteria and formation, storage and expulsion of feces. 22. What type of epithelium is found at the beginning and end of the digestive tract? Beginning and end is the stratified squamous epithelium. 23. Wh...
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