Vitamin C Analysis

Vitamin C Analysis - Vitamin C Analysis Abstract The...

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Vitamin C Analysis Abstract The Vitamin C content of a sample of Vitamin C tablet and orange juice was determined using a titration process, involving a solution of KIO 3 . The content of the tablet sample was found to be 80%, while the content of the orange juice was found to be 2.64%. This reveals that the Vitamin C concentration in orange juice is far less than in a Vitamin C tablet. Keywords Redox, titration, Vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid Introduction Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is present in many common every day products. It is also known for is strong reducing properties. These properties make it possible to measure the amount of Vitamin C in a substance through Redox Chemistry. Vitamin C will reduce iodine to iodide ion. The reaction involves Vitamin C, HCL, KI, and starch in solution titrated by a KIO 3 solution. By titration with KIO 3 as well as by using the stoichiometric relations of the reactions, the mass of the Vitamin C in the sample may be determined. The Vitamin C content of the substance can then be found. This experiment tests two substances containing vitamin C, a Vitamin C tablet, and orange juice. The solution containing Vitamin C was titrated with KIO 3 until the equivalence point was reached. Materials and Methods The chemicals used in this experiment are Vitamin C tablets, orange juice, .01 M HCL, .01 M KIO 3 , .001M KIO 3 , KI, starch and H 2 0. The key equipment is a titration buret, and a balance with a sensitivity of +/- .001 g, as well as common glassware. The experiment procedure follows the Laboratory
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Vitamin C Analysis - Vitamin C Analysis Abstract The...

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