References cox ross and rubinstein 1979 is the general

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Unformatted text preview: ure 15.1 C++ program for an American call option #include #include #include cmath algorithm vector // standard mathematical library // defining the max() operator // STL vector templates double option price call american binomial( double S, // spot price double X, // exercice price double r, // interest rate double sigma, // volatility double t, // time to maturity int steps) { // no steps in binomial tree double R = exp(r*(t/steps)); // interest rate for each step double Rinv = 1.0/R; // inverse of interest rate double u = exp(sigma*sqrt(t/steps)); // up movement double uu = u*u; double d = 1.0/u; double p up = (R d)/(u d); double p down = 1.0 p up; vector double prices(steps+1); // price of underlying vector double call values(steps+1); // value of corresponding call 10 20 prices[0] = S*pow(d, steps); // fill in the endnodes. for (int i=1; i =steps; ++i) prices[i] = uu*prices[i 1]; for (int i=0; i =steps; ++i) call values[i]=max(0.0,(prices[i] X)); // payoff at maturity for (int step=steps...
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