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Date is between day month year are separated by

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Unformatted text preview: beginning at first, ending at last •  nchar(text) – return the number of characters in a string •  strsplit(x, split) – split the string into pieces using split to divide it strsplit(x, “”) – splits into one character pieces •  substring(text, first, last) String manipula+on func+ons •  paste(x, y, z, …, sep = " ", collapse = NULL) – paste together character strings separated by one blank •  tolower(x) toupper(x) - convert upper- case characters to lower- case, or vice versa. Non- alphabe+c characters are let unchanged Test Data > cNames! [1] "DewiM County" [2] "Lac qui Parle County" [3] "St John the Bap+st Parish" [4] "Stone County” > test = cNames[3]! One possible solu+on > substring(test, 1,...
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