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Unformatted text preview: b are vectorized). > gsub("St ", "St. ", cNames) [1] "Dewitt County" [2] "Lac qui Parle County" [3] "St. John the Baptist Parish" [4] "Stone County" > strings = c("a test", "and one and one is two", + "one two three") > gsub("one", "1", strings) [1] "a test" "and 1 and 1 is two" "1 two three" > sub("one", "1", strings) [1] "a test" "and 1 and one is two" "1 two three" Regular Expressions to the Rescue Regular Expressions •  Regular expressions give us a powerful way of matching paMerns in text data •  Most importantly, we do this all programa5cally rather than by hand, so that we can easily reproduce our work if needed. With regular expressions, we can •  extract pieces of text – e.g., find all links...
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