Examples 1 9 when you want to refer to one of

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Unformatted text preview: 3456789 [:alnum:] All alphabetic and numeric [:lower:] Lower case alphabetic [:upper:] Upper case alphabetic [:punct:] Punctuation characters [:blank:] Blank characters, i.e. space or tab These can be used in conjunc+on with other characters, for example [[:digit:]_]! Return to rep1!c@ted •  What will this match? [[:alpha:]][[:digit:][:punct:]][[:alpha:]] •  Can you foresee any problems with it? Func+ons that use Regular Expressions •  grep(pattern, x) It looks for the regular expression in pattern in the character string(s) in x. It returns the indices of the elements for which there was a match. •  gsub(pattern, replacement, x) Look the regular expression in pattern in x and replace the matching characters with replacement (all occurrences) sub() works the same way but only replaces the first occurrence. Func+ons that use Regular Expressions •  regexpr(pattern, text) returns an integer vector giving the star+ng posi+on of the first match or - 1 if there...
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