Non alphabec characters are let unchanged test data

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Unformatted text preview: - - _===669732====calmail- - What characteris+cs can you derive from the email? •  Sent in the early morning: Numeric 00 – 24 hour received •  Has an Re: in the subject line Logical: TRUE if Re: in subject line •  Funny words like [email protected] Logical: TRUE if punctua+on in the middle of word •  Lots of YELLING IN THE EMAIL Numeric: propor+on of characters that are capitals One example A small problem •  County names in census file have no “.” ater St, e.g. “St John” •  County names in geographic file do have the “.”, e.g. “St. John” •  Let’s find a way to update the county names in the census file to add the period ater “St” String manipula+on func+ons – extract a por+on of a character s+ng from text,...
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