Country with plenty and with the means of a

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Unformatted text preview: ouse of Representatives: ! In meeting you again I feel much satisfaction in being able to repeat my ! congratulations on the favorable prospects which continue to distinguish ! our public affairs. The abundant fruits of another year have blessed our ! country with plenty and with the means of a flourishing commerce.! Text mining State of Union Addresses •  All speeches in one large plain text file •  Each speech starts with “***” on a line followed by 3 lines of informa+on about who gave the speech and when •  To mine the speeches, we want to create a word vector for each speech, which tracks the counts of how many +mes a par+cular word was said in each speech. •  Words such as na+on, na+onal, na+ons should collapse to the same “word” Web behavior •  Every +me you visit a Web site, informa+on is recorde...
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