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Unformatted text preview: get at the idea of equivalent characters or character classes. Equivalent Characters •  We can enumerate any collec+on of characters within [ ]. Example: [Tt]his •  The character “-” when used within the character class paMern iden+fies a range. Examples: [0-9], [A-Za-z] •  If we put a caret (^) as the first character , this indicates that the equivalent characters are the complement of the enumerated characters. Example: [^0-9] Equivalent Characters •  If we want to include the character “- ” in the set of characters to match, put it at the beginning of the character set to avoid confusion. Example: [- +][0- 9] •  Note that here we have created a paMern from a sequence of two sub- paMerns. Named Equivalence Classes [:alpha:] All alphabetic [:digit:] Digits 012...
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