How do we use the output as input to another

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Unformatted text preview: ressions? •  •  •  •  •  White space: Atomic Tokens Quota1on Marks Naming Conven1ons New Line 22 vs 2 2 + - * / ^! ; end of line # comment “Hi” or ‘Bye’ not “My’! x2 not 2x! How does R parse expressions? •  New Line Order of Opera1ons Order of opera1ons is what you expect: •  exponen1a1on first, followed by mul1plica1on and division, then addi1on and subtrac1on; •  le4 to right; •  parentheses override order Try It •  Write the following as an R expression: power(10, subtract(divide(15,3),2)) •  Write the following as an R expression: 6−2 2 3 •  Circle the tokens in the following R expression cat = (1 + x2)^24! We all make mistakes in wri1ng code Understanding how R parses expressions will help you fix them Variables in R Output and Assignment When we evaluate an expression, R prints the results to the screen as outpu...
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