What would make it easier for you to do this how do we

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Unformatted text preview:   Hit the return/enter key •  R evaluates the expression (performs a computa1on) •  R returns a value What do expressions look like? 2 + 3! 9 - 8! 4 * 5! 10 / 3! 7 ^ 2! 9 %/% 2! 11 %% 7! ! These are simple arithme1c expressions Similar to what you have with a calculator Parsing Expressions •  How does R know what computa1on to perform? •  It breaks down an expression into parts, called tokens •  From these pieces it can figure out what computa1on to perform! Parsing English hatheads... •  The above leSers are the beginning of something that I am wri1ng. •  Can you figure out what it is? •  What would make it easier for you to do this? ! How do we parse English? •  Punctua1on: . , ! ? : ; •  Capitaliza1on •  Blank spaces So What Does hatheads… mean? ! How does R parse exp...
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