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G func1on names if in doubt check existspi 1

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Unformatted text preview: t •  How do we save the result? •  How do we use the output as input to another expression? Output and Assignment •  We can assign the result of the computa1on to a variable, e.g., named x: > x = 10^(15 / 3 – 2) •  We can use x as an input in another expression > sqrt(x)! •  To see the value of a variable type the variable name at the prompt and hit return > x! Output and Assignment •  = and <- are both valid assignment operators x <- 10^(15 / 3 – 2) •  Choose one and use it consistently •  As we’ll see == means something completely different. Variables •  Variables have a name and a value •  To access the value we use the name •  Variables allow us to: –  Store a value without needing to recompute it –  Write a general expression, e.g. sqrt(a^2 + b^2)! –  Reduce...
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