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Unformatted text preview: //www.google.com/ •  Search for R (that’s right – the leSer R). •  One of the top links will be to The R Project for Sta1s1cal Compu1ng, which takes you to hSp:// www.r- project.org/ •  At hSp://www.r- project.org click on CRAN (le4 menu) •  Select a mirror site near us, i.e. there is a mirror site at h6p://cran.stat.ucla.edu Let’s Install RStudio •  Open a Web browser and go to Google: hSp://www.google.com/ •  Search for RStudio •  One of the top links will be hSp://www.rstudio.org click on Download tab •  Download the version for running R on your desktop Let’s Try It - RStudio Let’s Try It - RStudio Expressions in R Expressions in R •  The R prompt is: > •  At the prompt, type an expression •...
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