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Unformatted text preview: ite changed more than once between visits, we wouldn’t be able to tell •  We can’t tell when the site changed, only that it changed at some point in the interval between visits Carry out a simula5on study of the the distribu5on of the loca5ons of changes when sampling from the uniform distribu5on. To do this we examine the distribu5on of a sta5s5cs that measures the distance between our empirical distribu5on and the expected distribu5on. Simula5on Study •  For a given number of changes, simulate when these changes might occur, using the uniform distribu5on •  Compare the occurrence of changes to what you would expect if they were generated from the random uniform, i.e. get a sta5s5c •  Repeat many 5mes (B) to get the empirical distribu5on of these sta5s5cs Simula5on Simple example: •  Suppose the data are from a normal distribu5on with center 0. We are interested in the sta5s5c: median....
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