Autism Paper

Autism Paper - Autism Paper Throughout science and...

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Unformatted text preview: Autism Paper Throughout science and psychology, there has always been the question of whether certain human characteristics are due to the fact of either nature or nurture, whether how someone is brought up causes something or whether it is inherited genetically. This was a thought of mine when I knew I was going to be researching autism. I decided to discover whether or not autism was caused by genetics, in particularly twins. In a correlational study performed by Mark Rutter, he executed a statistical model of cases of autism. He first found out the statistic that represented the entire population versus the entire population suffering from autism, which was about two to four cases per 10,000, which is extremely low (Rutter 3). He then realized that the population base rate of autism was so low [that it] implied a strong underlying genetic liability (Rutter 3). He then continued his investigation by looking at twins since very few autistic people have children because it is harder to hold relationships due to their lack of social knowledge. He then carried out another statistical analysis of twins that at least one suffer from autism. least one suffer from autism....
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Autism Paper - Autism Paper Throughout science and...

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