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Using the following circuit vref vin r 33v r b1 33v

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Unformatted text preview: linear ramp? 5. Design Problem: a. Design a second ­order RLC notch filter, with input !!" and output !!"# , to remove 60Hz line noise in the input. The filter must have minimum input impedance of !!" = 1!". b. What happens if you operate this circuit in other countries in Asia, Europe and other parts in the world, and why? How would you change your circuit to operate properly in these countries? BENG 186B Homework 2 SOLUTIONS 1. Using the following circuit: Vref Vin R 3.3V + R B1 3.3V + B0 R 3.3V + R a. Make a table showing each combination of B0 and B1 values for...
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