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A complete the table below show your work complete the

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Unformatted text preview: beam and the detected beam is varied, and the Doppler shift is recorded for each angle, to measure the velocity profile of blood flow in the artery, as a function of radial distance from the center axis. a) Complete the table below. (Show your work, complete the table in a separate sheet). f0 = 1MHz and c (in blood) = 1500m/s # Angle (θ) O Δf (Hz) r radial distance v blood velocity from center axis 0 32.01 O 1236 3 36.87 O 2000 4 41.18 O 2195 5 45 O 2357 1 30 2 b) Plot/sketch the relation between v and r. c) Does this velocity profile make sense for blood flow? (Bonus: what is this type of flow profile called?) Problem 4: Design problem Design a catheter system for measuring intravascular blood pressure. Design your instrument to be critically damped and to operate in the frequency range 0 ­20Hz. Your design parameters include the diameter of the catheter tube, the diameter of the pressure sensor reservoir and the compliance of its membrane and attached strain gauge. The length of the catheter should be at least 20 cm...
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