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1billion aluminumcans 57 13billion plasticbottles

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Unformatted text preview: f MSW Disposed C&D 6% Inorganic 3% Paper 39% Organic 27% Metal 5% Glass 4% Plastic 16% We are sending money to the landfill Material Recycling Rate Value of Unrecovered Paper 57% $3.1 Billion Aluminum Cans 57% $1.3 Billion Plastic Bottles 27% HDPE, 29% PET $1.6 Billion Steel Cans 65% $0.4 Billion Glass Bottles 28% $0.1 Billion Total $6.5 Billion The Market Supply Situation • PET baled bottle supply is not keeping up with Market demand – Capacity to recycle PET is 1.2 billion pounds – Capacity could reach 1.8 billion pounds by Q4 2011 – PET bales collected in 2009 – 1.4 billion pounds – 780 mm pounds exported – 642 mm pounds for US Reclaimers – 22 mm pounds are component of mixed bales exported O-I cullet supply – Danville CANADA Portland Montreal Brampton Auburn Brockway Crenshaw Lapel Streeter Windsor Tracey Zanesville Toano RMBC Danville Oakland Winston-Salem Muskogee Los Angeles Atlanta Waco • IMPACT: $3.3 million in freight Cullet processing facility O-I manufactu...
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