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Then rec ommend two 2 alternatives to the ip infras

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Unformatted text preview: in the c as e s tudy . Then, rec ommend two (2) alternatives to the IP infras truc ture or applic ations not already mentioned in the c as e s tudy . 3. Critique the merits of the major s ervic es found on the DMS W ebs ite. 4. Rec ommend an additional s ervic e to add to the DMS W ebs ite. 5. Us e at leas t three (3) quality res ourc es in this as s ignment. Note : W ik ipedia and s imilar W ebs ites do not qualify as quality res ourc es . Your as s ignment mus t follow thes e formatting requirements : Be ty ped, double s pac ed, us ing Times New Roman font (s iz e 12), with one-inc h margins on all s ides ; referenc es mus t follow APA or s c hool-s pec ific format. Chec k with y our profes s or for any additional ins truc tions . Inc lude a c over page c ontaining the title of the as s ignment, the s tudent’s name, the profes s or’s name, the c ours e title, and the date. The c over page and the referenc e page are not inc luded in the required page length. The s pec ific c ours e learning outc omes as s oc iated with this as s ignment are: Compare and c ontras t among loc al area and wide area network tec hnologies and arc hitec tures . Us e tec hnology and information res ourc es to res earc h is s ues in c ommunic ation network s . W rite c learly and c onc is ely about c ommunic ation network s us ing proper writing mec hanic s and tec hnic al s ty le c onventions . Clic k here to view the grading rubric ....
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