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Unformatted text preview: Services Go Mains tream Sales provides cus tom er... 4 Pages Nov ember 2013 Name: Fabio M. Cesar Professor: Darcel Ford Course: Business Data Communications (CIS505) Date: 05/05/2013 Security Mechanisms: The network was up and running and it was secure and reliable, but the speed was slow and the interface clumsy. The applications around the database were old, out of date and were only in batch-mode with fixed-transaction access. The system were complex and when user tried to get something out of the ordinary, they had to wait for days or weeks for the mainframe programmers developing what was needed. The system is equipped with a firewall to prevent unauthorized access, by analyzing and controlling the incoming and outgoing data network traffic, it is a software or hardware-based network security but it “blocks” all network traffic, slowing and causing inconvenience. DMV is intended to start doing e-commerce and this will take an extra care involving security because this applications takes a lot of work, and by adding more security features on the fly would prove problematic once it takes an extended amount of time to close exploits, and it involves more than one department. The use of SSL certificates, HTTP and HTTPS must be utilized to protect and authenticate users and employees from packet sniffing hostiles and hacker’s attack. Transition process: The SNA network controller processors were connected to T-1 and T-3 lines in 10 cities. The controller for the communications was within the token ring local area network, computer are connected in a ring or star topology, to prevent collision from computers when they are trying to send messages at the same time. The...
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