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The idea was to incorporate tcpip capabilities and

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Unformatted text preview: a was to incorporate TCP/IP capabilities and Internet access, exploiting the Internet was the primary goal. It did not take long to implement and the DMS created a state wide TCP/IP network where they began offering Internet services to local and state agencies. They also created a suite of applications that would assist in personnel, billing systems online and accounting. The DMS saved $4 million dollars for the state plus an increase in productivity. The DMS should add a feedback service box to its portfolio. The information gathered from its customers would provide users the oppruntunity to improve the service and the system what they may be lacking. References: Business Data Communication – Custom Edition; pages: 147 - 151. View as multi-pages Cite This Essay APA MLA MLA 7 CHICAGO (2013, 07). Cas e Study 1: Florida Department of Management Servic es . StudyMode.c om. Retrieved 07, 2013, from http://www.s tudy mode.c om/es s ay s /Cas e-Study -1-Florida-Department-Of1831228.html A dd a c omment... Pos ting as Gor as ia Jay es h ( Not y ou?) Com m e nt A ls o pos t on Fac ebook F ac ebook s oc ial plugin Share Your Expertis e Upload Your Paper Produc ts Com pany Follow Es s ay s About Study Mode Fac ebook AP Notes Help Twitter Book Notes Jobs Citation Generator Contac t Google+ RSS Android App © 2014 Study Mode.c om Legal (Updated 1/17/14) Site Map Advertis e Mobile Site...
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