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The token rings could also support the terminals of

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Unformatted text preview: token rings could also support the terminals of personal computers and other computer equipment. The controllers were designed to handle SNA traffic out of and into the mainframe computers. In order to transform the infrastructure of SNA router network, all the Department of Management Services had to connect the boxes, and link them to the central site router of the data center. Critiques: The DMS provides numerous serivices and support for its employee's and state agencies, allowing 6000 users to access the mainframe application in tallahassee. The shared services gave support for human resources, aloowing users to access information anytime available on the Web servers and on the Web servers at vendor sites, such as reviewing informations about contracts and suppliers. There are specialized services, such agency administration, jobposting service and numerous other services available. The virtual enviroment for providing services is being used by the DMS. They utilize the internet and intranet through their Web portals. To protect the DMS system from unauthorized access, the DMS employed several people on a full time basis to review information, format it, followed by entering them into the time basis to review information, format it, followed by entering them into the mainframe computers. Additional Services: The Florida Department of Management Service built a large information systems network, in the early 1990s, to connect 10 regional sites with the data center in Tallahassee serving the state government agencies. The network was developed to use the proprietary Systems Network Architecture from IBM. The DMS was happy with their current set up however they felt the need to expand applications and services. The ide...
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