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Applications and services to handle distribution and

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Unformatted text preview: transport. Applications and services to handle distribution and transport, e.g. parts of SAP’s R/3 sales and distribution module (SD). E.g. CAD, product data management applications and graphic design tools. 2.) Research and Strategies information management system (SIMS): Applications and services for after-sales process. Applications and services supporting the research process, e.g. CAD, graphic design tools and statistical applications. 3.) Human resources. Applications and services supporting the management of personnel data. 4.) Accounting/finance system Purchase intranet application to maximize employee access to financial data for planning and control Payroll accounting. Applications and services to process payroll accounts, E.g. payroll services provided by ADP. • Accounts payable administration. 5.) Retail store system (RSS) Replace existing store system with a system that can integrate with the customer support system and Data collections. Data warehouse applications and s...
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