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Com plete report available 3 pages september 2013 a

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Unformatted text preview: w heights in ...Com plete report available @... 3 Pages September 2013 A ppl i c at i on of E nt erpri s e A rc hi t ec t ures i n O nt ari o and A us t ral i a ...Enterpris e Architectures Inves tigative Report H. A. Nichols on Table of Contents Executive... 10 Pages September 2012 business and survive the competitive pharmaceutical industry. S oa P aper ...Service Oriented Architecture Savan Shah Table of Contents ... Application architecture plan for RPS for next 5 years 25 Pages Dec ember 2011 To g a f 9 1.) Development and supply chain management (SCM) ...Evaluation Copy TOGAF Vers ion 9 The Open Group Architecture Fram ework (TOGAF) The Open... 936 Pages Nov ember 2012 Knowledge management is one of the most important factors in the R&D area of pharmaceutical companies. Online, real-time, integration of customers, suppliers and external service providers will help to have better connection with the customers, suppliers and other service providers. Applications and services supporting the development process, Distribution /...
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