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Rps has to be competitive by having a common server

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Unformatted text preview: cture Framework. RPS has to be competitive by having a common server and centralized database and good management and customer service to address customer demand online and over phone. 1.) Reliable pharmaceutical service (RPS) can further their business by opening more stores in multiple locations and good ERP architecture plan will help to integrate new technology . Enterprise architectures are a recognized tenet of organizational transformation and IT management in public and private organizations. Without an enterprise architecture, it is unlikely that an organization will be able to transform business processes and modernize supporting systems to minimize overlap and maximize interoperability .(1) 2.) The world has become a smaller place since everyone is connected to internet through computers to latest smartphones. So RPS can integrate internet basis business online and connect with the world. It will have website with additional customer relation management (CRM) functions that link internal systems...
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