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G saps business warehouse 6 customer support system

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Unformatted text preview: ervices, e.g. SAP’s Business Warehouse. 6.) Customer support system (CSS) Implement an order-processing and fulfillment system that seamlessly integrates with the supply chain management systems to support mail, phone and web based ordering. The consistent use of the terminology, applications or services is intended to suggest that, in the future, many of these areas need not necessarily be covered by a company’s own applications and that the functionality required can be bought from a service provider instead. Technology Architecture plan for RPS for next 5 years The Technology Architecture describes current and future technical infrastructure and specific hardware and software technologies that support RPS’s information systems. It provides guidance and principles for implementing technologies that are proven to work well with existing and planned technologies. The Technology Architecture is recorded as a series of bricks, patterns, and architecture principles. The following diagram illustrates how the technology architecture fits within the RPS archite...
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