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Unformatted text preview: ivacy issues are related: audits of privacy also audit data quality and data integrity (RQ6) Unauthorized access to information could lead to unauthorized changes Unauthorized access can also lead to privacy violations Refer to ISACA G31 10 Parker (CK, p. 76) explains the key concepts Parker (CK, p. 76) explains the key concepts that apply to privacy audits (RQ6) Covers all 10 privacy components At highest level of assurance Scope matches privacy notice Itemizes aspects that should be included in the scope of the engagement If the data that is being audited (in the privacy audit) is “commingled” then the controls over the combined data need to be audited Considerations over time coverage are stated 11 Practice question – Group 6 ­­ Practice question – Group 6 ­­ YourTaxReturn.com, Part (3), (RQ7) This question will help us review risks for privacy and identity theft Use the readings and the COSO principles to answer these questions 12 Control problems at all levels of the Control problems at all levels of the organization affect privacy and data quality [Illustrates points for RQ9] The Feb. 2005 Auditor General of Canada (2005 AGR) report looked at financial systems in t...
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