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Unformatted text preview: ther types of usage Individual access: information needed to do the job should be provided 5 Video Clip Video Clip http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2007/11/21/6 0minutes/main3530302.shtml 6 Applying these concepts to: the features of Applying these concepts to: the features of high quality electronic evidence (RQ5) Authentication: the identity of the evidence provider can be confirmed Integrity: the evidence is accurate and cannot be changed Authorization: only authorized individuals have access to send and receive Nonrepudiation: the sender cannot deny sending the information 7 Successful privacy practices are Successful privacy practices are organization wide (PIPEDA), refer to Parker, CK 71 (RQ2, 3) Define, and be able to provide examples of these terms. Access Management Notice Choice and consent Collection Use and retention For further reference, see: Disclosure to third parties Security Quality Monitoring and enforcement http:// www.cica.ca/research­and­guidance/research­activities/recent­publications/public­interest/item12973.aspx 8 Relating the privacy framework to Relating the privacy framework to the COSO principles (RQ3) Management (CE 4, 6) Notice (IC 18) Choice and consent (IC 18) Collection (CA 12­14) Use and retention (IC 15) CE = Control environment IC = Information and communication Access (IC 18) Disclosure to third parties (CA 13, IC 18) Security (CA 11­14) Quality (CA 12­14) Monitoring and enforcement (M 19­20) CA = Control activities M = Monitoring 9 Data quality, data access and privacy Data quality, data access and pr...
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