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ESP Paper - Extrasensory Perception "I felt a ruffle along...

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Extrasensory Perception “I felt a ruffle along the foot of the bed, so I sat straight up. When I looked to see what it was, it was Nonno [Italian for grandfather] rubbing my foot. He looked straight at me and said, ‘Don’t be frightened, I’m just here to say good-bye’ as he bent over and gave your brother a kiss on the forehead. And after that, he vanished. It was, by far, the most remarkable thing I’ve ever witnessed” (Mom). After every conversation about my Nonno who had passed away before I was born, my mom always tells her story of seeing his ghost the night before he was buried. Although I have never experienced any sort of extrasensory perception, I whole heartedly believe my mom’s story. However, I believe that we need to look at ESP in a scientific manner. In examining ESP and attempting to decipher whether it is a real phenomenon, we should look at studies that strive to make a conclusion about the reasons for beliefs in ESP and the correlations and relationships that lie among the believers and nonbelievers of ESP, which is exactly what Schouten strives to achieve in his article called “Personal Experience and Belief in ESP”. Additionally, we should examine the validity of extrasensory perception by eliminating as many outside variables as we can when creating a study, which Johnson took into consideration in the article entitled “Attitudes Toward the Existence and Scientific Investigation of Extrasensory Perception”. Although the results of these studies disprove extrasensory perception, I feel that we need to take a more detailed look at this and find scientific fact to support its existence. For Johnson, the area of extrasensory perception that he is going to study is a type of ESP that allows individuals to know exactly what is going on, when there is no physical way to have this knowledge. However, in many experiments and studies regarding ESP, many hypotheses are rejected partially due to “pure skepticism,” but more importantly, ESP is usually rejected due to the fact that there has yet to be an experiment with consistent results that support ESP. Parapsychologists believe that the results of ESP experiment are biased from the very beginning due to the attitude that subjects withhold before they are even studied. Some parapsychologists feel that this has a major part in the continuous failure of their experiments. Recently, a group of parapsychologists
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ESP Paper - Extrasensory Perception "I felt a ruffle along...

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