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Effects of changes in pvlr a rise in perceived

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Unformatted text preview: se. Effects of changes in PVLR • A rise in (perceived) present value of lifetime resources (PVLR) raises demand for goods and services, including imports, so net expor d line Unctsoecvered interest rate Exchange rates definitions Exocrhseaurnsgfeporr,st aoplteeusssell ddeefts icinptirotns(UIP) ia i y • T inc ea p cha es o im pe m t the om c e a to uy gn c nc he RNreancllyaeebbitfroreigngenctyr,eia( ees)ing b suppl f • •• RureMOxchaangeurcrreonditreaon te e)twyeoen domestic and sforeignand estment O o rxcha e a i ( Sale R ( inv viceversa) domeorc cursek- w ch rreal eisnveshange ) e xc r ( i nc – f Nere rst rfrrn igon d ood s i s v ets) ( P ort red iDecreaseeyr,nehifoutfoDiscounttgsorpantdaserravnidctey(eirm(picoUItihmtpc)asb)e tphurtchcaasend be purchased nsttNi uurmrbbeoinf duciogatehetee rate s r se R n a –m e go a a s e nom • Why wi$tnot oneciadomng yetairscbegoodisandUs.Services (expor, tt+s1 ) did h depre te duri es fore cris when . 1 nd 1 o Puonsmpainvenmnengoodtnaee(rettrvieicceUxpori+ty)PPP)ltiplier DecciithoneinsiigsgcreCndIfessmoesfrnIe st)(ioems Exf hand r t ent P daincreasebPea = t(P Co umpthonnsit geobtioom oaoePxpor s+d om )(einy i nRu c r wi a dom Required reserves wt UK Principles of money supply determination d n o m ,t Efor...
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