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Unformatted text preview: ndtmn ef ive?f e i o nt c y b se age mpoeeatces eobeohaehn smn ieettiaestnd aes eign investment m f or Co condiniontnsgatctw tnege domnseer ra ratfor • • De pprs on: i = UK + nom neutral iAfinittior)ateon: iP *=einom(/ePfor,t+1/enom,t -1) nve oxim F uitve – elativ rledst cIi ertur e (i i(otod e nt s e • UnDn paedromFaind’y:brttaote=peheiseaei(dPiaEteycr = e im Rntonenedefe irk)PngeUIPf incnomy) rUIetfr)nom te •••• NaomTiioni(ngupplesesktrhalsangCrowsheetPivPt eas (asenomplied by P and Pfor ) Celfcnitfti heweoCPntPao tcear/atPegh aeeftor+hantrr is I ii o hey Sxchab res a w mpl s gnD • Deld ce nant) eeaeatto*eeslnomfM dfotr ePtiUnasosmet,st ,+d1 ecreasing the M onson: l = s l -of of om s c • h ta ds • Rndrw xrdt¥c igicit rtrt=2$/hhinlhteiretha nnPforne lyf d d ) i a ) ha n a e = 1o s t essari oe a 1 ( ––– eReatlfoeadcom1rhs/trcaetekhssP-Kwcure1)dysacndanow(nsonga1t,ecaeeuthange=ra¥chUKngburge expectations I d nom or F w 1 e c a o ( el c ( r g c r d 2 e demFfade mt0(CE1i0e -+t$,ovuhnrenc i bee +boergcmhebsxcrrabro0x e ham e rat er => a o =9eNs a Hn U kure )toi = uramgiu)oi er retu r =90 e t / Lu 7 •– NxCU ragid’condiaionnbetiwin edomea tilaend florngaotenvetidentally)anks) y • D aren eect nuibinekected elt o fall urehe Scohoeetian-dur vem r m s c rre Th u e ia p a cte e n s c s a Ass gn i e st e –– EfFoeuEiebitl2r:daJltnomratsnirtoesnnhcammhwxirh uboccrUetiotnnss,t...
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This test prep was uploaded on 02/16/2014 for the course FNCE 101 taught by Professor Kurmann during the Fall '09 term at UPenn.

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