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Unformatted text preview: iggei ig nr f utry o erf o tr • –IforeonbieteroennonitycFNsh 1rn1ngsnatkuvsrenLeytdrepositat aanhe Furchased7with US$1 ui ring • Rel– tIive ePiPPu doesshinot hnoltd ianrotahe s)hort-run (becaRee of priceosit a us v d estic returrin Defttdershsiibrutsrrctoimnshrtrethaarnnrnybsboa(dexipn rtthe long-run osery e n eporldsmarkets (i) iom t ghten (i)hmg et tu re u abrod i ( i ) s cne s a T c/ c i • – gioneny) Mepprecteede)plaoieeotwvepplem+1=totmMourresncoSEn econ m o w M –diexhieeemtoisdeexultatetoHfpllwb?irie em dst e(df eerstiUKBAy fs a i . e : n t an eci • edp ahnks b sbl1lafutnuautrlkncreL1i0ako-1he t(dvska pr eiture 12 7 e N RBectedefa P ’ CEtw-efanotsoa meatust7lo1et omestdi tions about s ect e tto P FN 01 l v -e nom is • xp• ote laeitver e llP ieauss(eHeFNtkpancdrieen+nag oerm - Leccccu2rrency inominal i nt – e dCE c t ) 14 y sf se 1 H i k ed to depr– Hatw oaneanorwe,escixenhgecideliartUoftders+avuceEuestebiutthhiinc huoe+ewaynary undu(s#HC / #FC) eci o – m gm rifsore grrep oporeC ain o ser D ts $P1 d ys o h m 1cou t vers al f – exch etH eat ?e,umcsntaanpg c ya n) corenqri o w =h e g thinr lation ≥ro1 Soe)r. i e s m ( m = e Ban re mbcfutefsre de t re Cani be) R cE ssed her e nom,t+1 fok lirgsn (eovoury=S$ phatccatU on+purAsaSets pecr unit orfeforeign Lurreilities fu i u+ s – Na leser unt U r h c iab ncy V ult cash a R rec FNtion 1 42 enom,t risesa(current + ppeseriveCE 10) -uHnacavsha - Lecture 17 a Va lt tko s k Deposits Monetary base = Currency (held by public and banks) + Reserve deposits • Measure of purchasing power of a currency UK nom e nom,t+1 nom ,t FNCE 101 - Hnat kovs ka - Lecture 17 27 –eDIn rts i a c n etit en RE f expo ts f an e c no m o et r d– poseicmenese oimpresiv= ess oS/DErP oreducoes mymn world markets CE 27 – FNCE re1 - HniankovukaFNFNct1use0r1H-nPnaevkpkossiacesrcem7m7 Inc 10 ase t c s =- LeU0/r1e-1EeatdoreduLecLu tu1re 1 C CE Dv H k t sova -k ts t e Re 7 FNCE 101 - Hnatkovska - Lecture 17 14 Loans FNCE 101 - Hnatkovska - Lecture 15 FNCE 101 - Hnatkovska - Lecture 17 FNCE 101 01 - HkotkovskLe-cLect17e 15 FNCE 1 - Hnatnavska - a ture ur 31 Reserve-deposit ratio = Reserve deposits / Deposits 5 12 24 23 6...
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This test prep was uploaded on 02/16/2014 for the course FNCE 101 taught by Professor Kurmann during the Fall '09 term at UPenn.

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